Why is Daddy such a Jerk?

The other day I was reading this article about interrupted sleep. Apparently sleep interruption can cause confusion, depression and fatigue. It can also have an impact on attention span and ability to make decisions.

These findings come as a complete shock!

I am reminded of something that our doctor told us shortly before Laura went into labour with our first daughter. He said ” you are about to find out that all the people you thought were jerks are actually just sleep-deprived parents.”

Three kids later it turns out that my kids are the ones who think I’m a jerk. Read more of this post

Parenting from the park bench


A while ago I wrote about resilience and wrestling with questions about how I could help my children to develop resilience.  Since I wrote that post I have been doing some reading.  I generally don’t read much parenting advice because I don’t find it particularly helpful.  Either I disagree with the recommendations or they are in direct opposition to the last piece of advice I read.  Our kids are still alive so I think we are doing an ok job so far… Read more of this post

Buttons and the kids who push them

push button

I am a parent and I have buttons.  Not just the ones on my shirts or that prevent my pants from falling off, no I also have the harder to see ones that my kids are so good at identifying.  Some days I think they are humming the button factory song.

Hello my name is Joe and I work in a button factory
I have a house, and a dog, and a family
One day, my boss said to me, “Hey Joe, are you busy?”
I said, “No”.
He said “Turn the button with your left hand.” Read more of this post

When kids attack!

Over the past few days I have attended a couple of professional development workshops through work that dealt with developing resilience and leadership.  I’ve recently become interested in questions around resilience as I ponder how to help my kids to be resilient children who grow into even more resilient adults. Read more of this post