Of Vomit and Loft Beds


Friday was Valentine’s Day.  A day of lovers, chocolate, flowers and cards.  We were so invested in the sentiment of this day that I fell asleep watching the olympics – possibly skating.  I don’t really remember since my eyes kept closing.  I was pretty wiped out and went to bed earlier than usual, leaving my valentine to look after my usual evening tasks of loading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen and feeding the cat.  I’m such a romantic… Read more of this post

Need your votes!

We are trying to build a new kindergarten playground at my kids’ school.  We have made the semi-finals in a contest to win funding from Aviva Insurance.  We need your help and your votes.

I’d appreciate if you could take minute and cast your vote here: www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf17131

You can vote today and every day until the 11th.  Every vote helps!





Cribs and Paint

It’s done.  I finished off the baby’s room (minus some cosmetic things like hanging pictures on the wall) this weekend.  Fortunately for me, my brother was visiting and so I had help to move furniture around and get the room set up.  We put together the crib which was considerably easier than building loft beds from scratch.


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Making room for baby

It seems that these days – particularly weekends – my time is spent preparing for the arrival of kid #3.  Not in a nesting kind of way or psychological preparation.  Just in the old-fashioned hard labour kind of way.  So far I have constructed two loft beds and moved our five and almost seven-year old into a shared room.  Before the bed construction came the room painting, then the beds and general furniture moving.  Now that the soon to be baby’s room has been emptied, I’ve started labouring as it were to get that room ready.   Read more of this post

All moved in

Bed # 2 is done.



After an epic weekend of sanding and building (and a birthday party thrown in for good measure) the beds are done.  The girls are moved in together and now the work can begin on the baby’s room.  I managed to burn out a belt sander and an orbital sander in the process.  They were both around 30 years old so they have served well.

I know you are thinking “that’s great for you, what’s in it for me?”  Well, I am here to give you some lessons learned in the great Summer 2013 bed build…  Read more of this post

Moving in Together


Well, not quite yet, but soon.  We officially have seven weeks to go until the due date.  The last kid was three weeks early so really we could be in the final four weeks.  That means it is time to get the show on the road and start putting together the baby’s room.  However there is the small issue of the fact that the room was until two days ago, occupied by our four year old.   Read more of this post