Today is the end, the last day, my final chance. I did not do it all. I have not achieved everything I hoped to do. I tried. I had specific goals that I wanted to accomplish during my time, but I had more goals than time and there were forces that conspired against me. Read more of this post

Eight Things I’ve Learned in The First Week of Life


So we’ve had a baby kicking around the place for 8 days now.  I have learned and been reminded of the following eight things in the past week since we came home from the baby factory.

Umbilical Cord Stumps Freak Me Out.

I know the umbilical cord is an important part of the whole baby cooking process and perhaps equally important to the belly buttoning of a kid.  But the cord stump makes me think of a loose thread. What if you snag the cord and the baby comes apart? Folding the diaper away from the stump gives me the willies, actually even looking at it, especially as it starts to come off gives me the willies.  Fortunately the cord only lasted seven days and now the loose thread has come off and our baby daughter’s belly button has been revealed.

People Are Generous

We have some great friends who have stopped by to drop off gifts and food, brought our older girls home from Brownies and Sparks, etc.  They are doing these things out of the goodness of their hearts and because they are paying forward the support they received as new parents.  Plus it is a great way to check out the new baby and maybe even get to hold the baby if timed right…

A Baby is a Great Conversation Starter

I’ve been taking D3 with me to pick up D1 and D2 from school for the past few days and have met and spoken with more parents and teachers – not to mention kids than I have previously met on school pick-ups. The first time I took her it was in stroller, which provided too much access to the kids who wanted to stick their heads in to get a good look.  The next couple of days she got to ride in a sling which made it much easier to control kid access, but seems to have made it more apparent to the adults that I had a tiny baby.  Lots of oohing and ahhing and conversations with parents I hadn’t even really seen before, but who seemed to be aware of who my kids are.


Foot Bone is Connected to the Jaw Bone

We have spent some time checking out the various physical attributes of baby D3 looking at body parts for family resemblance.  Laura’s chin, my feet, same nose as D2, no webbed toes.  Other traits to be revealed as she gets and we can figure it out.  It has been fun for the girls to look for similarities between them and their sister.

Babies Challenge our Thinking and Parenting

When you already have kids you get comfortable in your parenting style and introducing a new kid into the mix shakes things up.  We have had to figure out how to look after a new baby which hasn’t been so different from the last two.  We have however had to adapt out parenting to help D1 and D2 adjust to the addition to our family.  Things are going well and everyone is settling in.

Changing Diapers is Like Riding a Bike – When Things Go Wrong They Go Really Wrong.

Getting back on a bike after years of walking and driving can be risky and unbalanced, but it comes back.  It take practice and might involve some falls along the way to help remind you of the process.  Changing diapers is a similar experience.  Remembering the mechanics of it is one thing, remembering things like putting the new diaper under the one being removed is another.  The other day I was taking D3’s diaper off in preparation for a bath.  I neglected to put a new diaper in the safety position.  Thereafter followed a mustard surprise for me and the change pad, necessitating additional cleaning before the actual cleaning in the bath.  After the bath when she was all nice and clean, I wrapped her up in the towel to carry her to the change pad for diapering and dressing and got peed on while in transit.  Requiring a cleaning after the cleaning.  Good times were had by all, especially my bathing assistants D1 and D2 who thought it was all quite hilarious.

Baby Gear Takes Over

I thought ! remembered how much stuff a baby requires and thought we had lots of room this time since we were in a two bedroom apartment when D1 and D2 were born.  It was cramped and we survived.  This time around we have more gear because other parental friends offered up their gear that they wanted to clear out of their houses.  Car seat in the front hall, strollers littered about, swing and playpen in the living room, not to mention all the debris strewn about on a daily basis by a five and seven year old in the course of their playing.


Holding a Sleeping Baby is Awesome

Everyone who has ever held a sleeping baby already knows this and wants a piece of the action.  There is something soothing about that baby asleep on your chest or in your arms.  Perhaps it is because it forces us to slow down so as not to wake the baby or maybe they have magical healing powers like the purr of a cat.  Ask someone – particularly a parent if they want to hold your sleeping baby and they will do it in a second – after all isn’t that why they dropped by to drop off some food for you?