Today is the end, the last day, my final chance. I did not do it all. I have not achieved everything I hoped to do. I tried. I had specific goals that I wanted to accomplish during my time, but I had more goals than time and there were forces that conspired against me. Read more of this post

Are Superdads Media Whores?

“FORGET yummy mummies, now we have cool dads. And the stakes are high, menfolk. If the internet is to be believed — and what sensible person could doubt it — the latest phenomenon to sweep the world is the rise of Cool Dad.

Yes, the days of yore when fathers steadfastly ignored their offspring are well and truly over. Which is good. And in his place is hands-on Superdad who loves nothing more than to have fun, fun, fun with his kids. Especially if someone just happens to be videoing his super-duperness so he can upload it to his Daddy Cool blog, seed the clip into Facebook where it goes viral, gets him on Ellen and hooks a book deal.”  Read more of this post

The Dad Thing to Do



It is Father’s Day weekend and I have been trying to figure out what I would write about as a dad and a dad blogger for the occasion. I was playing around with some ideas that would have led into some grand treatise on modern fatherhood or manhood.  I had some writers block and was doing some searching on The Google this afternoon for some inspiration. Maybe a pithy quote or something.  Interestingly this one above that is most often attributed to Lennon did not originate with him  Read more of this post

Happy Birthday to the twins

23 years ago I became a father for the first time. 10 days later I saw Thomas and Jennifer (no longer their names) for the last time before we left them at the hospital for their adoptive parents to pick them up for the life we chose for them.

Today I will be thinking about them as they celebrate their birthday.

Happy Birthday to Thomas and Jennifer!

The story is here:

Trapping the Midnight Turkeys


The other day my 7 year old was getting frustrated because the trap she had been building while her younger sister climbed the tree was not working. After a short discussion about the value of failure as a learning opportunity I realized that she did not actually know what she wanted to trap and as a result it was hard to know whether or not the trap would work.


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NO! – A five year-old’s guide to being stubborn

We have three daughters; seven, five and 6 months. Our five year-old has been practicing saying no and she is very, very good at it. This may be a function of her change in status from being the youngest in the family to becoming a big sister and a middle child. It may just be that she likes to be contrary and stubborn and in charge.  I think she offers an excellent example to other kids looking to be the boss of me. Read more of this post

Of Vomit and Loft Beds


Friday was Valentine’s Day.  A day of lovers, chocolate, flowers and cards.  We were so invested in the sentiment of this day that I fell asleep watching the olympics – possibly skating.  I don’t really remember since my eyes kept closing.  I was pretty wiped out and went to bed earlier than usual, leaving my valentine to look after my usual evening tasks of loading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen and feeding the cat.  I’m such a romantic… Read more of this post

Sex Ed: It’s So Amazing!

Our oldest daughter is seven years old and like many of our friends with kids this age, we have been wrestling with how much information to provide to her about sex and sexual health.  We had a baby a little over four months ago and of course that spurred a number of questions about how the baby got in there, how it gets out, etc.

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Time for some changes

When I started this blog in the spring I didn’t have a specific vision for it other than as a space to write.  The original thinking was that it would actually be a space for both my wife and I to write.  After 60 posts it has become clear that I have become a dad blogger.   Read more of this post

Kids are Cramping My Style


I have three little girls and D3 is just 3 1/2 months old.  D1 and D2 are 7 and 5 respectively.  D1 and D2 like to help with their little sister.  It is great that they are so engaged and helpful.  They like to play with D3 and try to get her to smile.  They pick out her outfits for the day and keep the diaper stockpiles around the house well stocked.  They like to sit and hold her and they are willing to entertain her if she is awake and we need to shower or cook.  So far no one has suggested that we send her back.  I think they have decided that she is a keeper. All of that is fantastic. However, they are starting to cramp my style.

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