National Breastfeeding Week and Olivia Wilde

Apparently it is National Breastfeeding Week – or so the Facebook people say. Google says it was World Breastfeeding Week August 1 to 7. I missed it, but am going to write about it nonetheless.  It seems that Olivia Wilde sparked some debate with Glamour shots of her breastfeeding her kid .



As it turns out, I have no idea who Olivia Wilde is, nor do I care if she has her picture taken with or without a baby.

I do however have some opinions about breastfeeding and how we view it.

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Why is Daddy such a Jerk?

The other day I was reading this article about interrupted sleep. Apparently sleep interruption can cause confusion, depression and fatigue. It can also have an impact on attention span and ability to make decisions.

These findings come as a complete shock!

I am reminded of something that our doctor told us shortly before Laura went into labour with our first daughter. He said ” you are about to find out that all the people you thought were jerks are actually just sleep-deprived parents.”

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Learning to Crawl


Life is full of challenges. Often we know where we want to know, and sometimes the path to achieving our goal is filled with obstacles and challenges. I have often heard that it is about journey, not the destination. In the case of learning to crawl, the destination is all about being able to go on greater journeys. The frustrating thing for those of the learning-to-crawl set is that they can’t even take baby steps on their journey. Read more of this post

Happy Jumping Baby

Today I bring you a jolly jumping baby!

That is all.

Sex Ed: It’s So Amazing!

Our oldest daughter is seven years old and like many of our friends with kids this age, we have been wrestling with how much information to provide to her about sex and sexual health.  We had a baby a little over four months ago and of course that spurred a number of questions about how the baby got in there, how it gets out, etc.

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Kids are Cramping My Style


I have three little girls and D3 is just 3 1/2 months old.  D1 and D2 are 7 and 5 respectively.  D1 and D2 like to help with their little sister.  It is great that they are so engaged and helpful.  They like to play with D3 and try to get her to smile.  They pick out her outfits for the day and keep the diaper stockpiles around the house well stocked.  They like to sit and hold her and they are willing to entertain her if she is awake and we need to shower or cook.  So far no one has suggested that we send her back.  I think they have decided that she is a keeper. All of that is fantastic. However, they are starting to cramp my style.

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View from Here III

D2 the photographer has been hard at work again.    Here is a sampling of her latest photo collection.

My beautiful picture

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My First Smile

I got a smile!


That is all.

Knuckle Sucker

I was a month shy of five years old when my brother was born.  Within fairly short order my parents put me to work keeping him entertained.  My job was to sit on the couch with my brother resting against my arm and the arm of the couch while he sucked on my knuckle.  I was the human soother.  It was a brilliant piece of parenting strategy on the part of my parents.    

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Baby Dreams

What do babies dream about?


Babies are a bit like dogs when they are sleeping.  Periods of calm restfulness interspersed with moments of activity.  Dogs whimper and run in their sleep.  Babies – at least the one currently sleeping on my chest – go through periods of activity as well.  This particular one also whimpers in her sleep and instead of running in her sleep will move her arms around and exhibit an impressive array of facial expressions.  Her brow furrows, her eyebrows go up and down, sometimes her eyes flutter open briefly before closing and returning to calm.

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