Learning to Crawl


Life is full of challenges. Often we know where we want to know, and sometimes the path to achieving our goal is filled with obstacles and challenges. I have often heard that it is about journey, not the destination. In the case of learning to crawl, the destination is all about being able to go on greater journeys. The frustrating thing for those of the learning-to-crawl set is that they can’t even take baby steps on their journey. Read more of this post

Greatest Hits

When I started writing this blog 13 months ago it was a bit an experiment to see if I had enough content in me to keep up a steady stream of writing or if it was just the occasional thought or issue that inspired me to write. I had attempted a blog once before with a different objective. It was going to be my anonymous place that I could write all those letters to the editor that I periodically feel compelled to write but can’t because the topic touches on my professional work. That one didn’t pan out. I prefer to express opinions with my name attached.

Somehow I have managed to keep writing this blog and this post is my 100th. So on the occasion of my 100th post I am taking the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has read one of my posts and to the 130 people who have subscribed and are willing to let me periodically invade their reader or inbox. I appreciate all the comments and discussions. Thank you to all of you who have complimented my writing and thank you to my wife for her editing skills and for giving me the time to write from time to time. For those who might have missed one of two of my posts here are my ten favourite ones in no particular order. Read more of this post

The Luxury of Peace

Yesterday I wrote a post about my daughter listening to news reports about the plane shot down over Ukraine. This morning I woke up thinking about how lucky I am that my biggest concern about the conflicts happening in the world is how my children will react to the news about those conflicts. Read more of this post

Talking with kids about planes that fall from the sky

Sometimes the world makes me tired.

This morning while I was wracking my brain for camp lunch ideas I suddenly realized that my seven year old daughter was standing in the kitchen with me. She wasn’t doing anything, just standing with the vacant expression that appears on her face when the wheels are turning in her head or she is in TV-watching bliss.

I asked her what she was doing and she said she was listening to the radio. Read more of this post

Mike Duffy’s “Love Child”


Yesterday Maclean’s Magazine broke a story about a woman claiming to be Senator Mike Duffy’s unacknowledged daughter. Other media outlets are – predictably – referring to this woman as his “love child” and Duffy himself is saying that the story is inaccurate and is a 30 year old story.

First off, let me say that I think “love child” while it is used as a pejorative term is a term that we really should be applying to all children. Who wouldn’t want to be a child of love?  Read more of this post

What Brazil Needed




Brazil had a bit of a tough go at the World Cup today. Their match versus Germany was close for about ten minutes until Germany started scoring. It seemed to me that Brazil was missing a certain something. They just weren’t in the game. I think I figured out what they really needed today to help them win. Read more of this post

The Turducken Stampede



We had a busy day today! A park, ducks, pony rides to celebrate the Calgary Stampede and a meat bag for dinner. Read more of this post

Sometimes change is ok…



I live in Ottawa. Ottawa is the Capital of Canada. Canada is so special it has its own day. Canada happens to be July 1. It happens every year.In the olden times it was called Dominion Day. I think that was because everyone shopped at Dominion grocery store on July 1st. To celebrate grocery shopping we throw kind of a big party here in Ottawa. Loads of people go downtown to celebrate on and around Parliament Hill – that is our big grocery story. Lots of people make speeches when they are in the Parliament buildings. I even wrote some of the speeches that were spoken on Parliament Hill for Canada Day several years ago. They were the greatest! I know because the other 30,000 people standing around listening to them cheered when my words were spoke aloud. We always go to Parliament Hill for Canada Day. Except for the time we lived in Toronto. In Toronto Canada Day is the day off following Pride Weekend. This year we did not go downtown for Canada Day. Read more of this post

20 things a son should learn from his mother

Recently I have seen a few people posting a link to this 20 Things a mother should tell her son post and each time I read it I find myself disagreeing with many of the things to be taught. It is written from a particular perspective on life that differs from my own.

I am a son and I have a mother and have some thoughts on the matter. Here is my response Read more of this post

The Dad Thing to Do



It is Father’s Day weekend and I have been trying to figure out what I would write about as a dad and a dad blogger for the occasion. I was playing around with some ideas that would have led into some grand treatise on modern fatherhood or manhood.  I had some writers block and was doing some searching on The Google this afternoon for some inspiration. Maybe a pithy quote or something.  Interestingly this one above that is most often attributed to Lennon did not originate with him  Read more of this post