What Brazil Needed




Brazil had a bit of a tough go at the World Cup today. Their match versus Germany was close for about ten minutes until Germany started scoring. It seemed to me that Brazil was missing a certain something. They just weren’t in the game. I think I figured out what they really needed today to help them win. Read more of this post

Time for some changes

When I started this blog in the spring I didn’t have a specific vision for it other than as a space to write.  The original thinking was that it would actually be a space for both my wife and I to write.  After 60 posts it has become clear that I have become a dad blogger.   Read more of this post

I’m a Winner!

Finally is all I have to say.  I have been angling for a blog award nomination since my third blog post.  Finally it has happened.  Oilfield Mom has nominated me for a Liebster Award.


So now that I am a big winner I will do my chain award duties as prescribed below.  Read more of this post

Knuckle Sucker

I was a month shy of five years old when my brother was born.  Within fairly short order my parents put me to work keeping him entertained.  My job was to sit on the couch with my brother resting against my arm and the arm of the couch while he sucked on my knuckle.  I was the human soother.  It was a brilliant piece of parenting strategy on the part of my parents.    

Our three week old is having a fussy day today and we have been rotating through different strategies to get her to sleep.   Read more of this post

The Dark

The Dark

This is not about The Dark by Robert Munsch, although it could be.  If you don’t know this story, you should get to know it.  I had the opportunity to get vary familiar with Bob Munsch stories growing up because I lived in the same condo complex as him and his family.  Our school probably got more than our fair share of story telling by the great Munsch.   Read more of this post