The Turducken Stampede



We had a busy day today! A park, ducks, pony rides to celebrate the Calgary Stampede and a meat bag for dinner. Read more of this post

My Daughter Has Become My Grandfather

In our house dinner time is family time. Laura and I try encourage conversation at the table. We ask the girls about their day and sometimes get information from them.  More often our attempts are stymied. Typically the answer I get when I ask what their favourite thing was about their day at school is “recess.” Lately that has changed. Read more of this post

Grow your own – Rodent wars II

I like the idea of growing my own food.  I like getting my hands in the dirt and partnering with mother nature to produce something edible and slightly less gritty out of it.  The girls and I like to get in there and get the seeds and seedlings into the ground and check the garden on a regular basis to see how things are growing.  They are also quite enthusiastic about weeding – sometimes a little too enthusiastic and they pull some of the plants we have grown.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have competition for the food we grow from our neighbourhood rodents.  I built a groundhog defence system this year to help defend our plants and produce and until now it has seemed to be working. Read more of this post

Food as Identity


Yesterday we went to the Community Cup in Ottawa.  It is a community soccer tournament  designed to bring together new immigrants to Ottawa and people who have been living here more than three years through sport.  There was music and dancing, kids’ entertainers and booths from community organizations with information about resources for new immigrants.  The main focus though was on the tournament.  We had a great time, partly enjoying the entertainment and partly because it was at one of our favourite parks in the city (Brewer Park).  The girls weren’t as interested in watching the soccer matches because they were thinking about the bouncy castle, the water park, the monkey bars, etc.

Given this food kick I am on, it did make me think about the connections between food and identity. Read more of this post

My pants are falling down

I’ve been thinking about food for a couple of months – not to say that I have never thought about food before – just that I have been thinking about it in a more focused way.  I’ve been thinking about it because I have finally started losing weight.  I have been overweight or at least I’ve had a weight distribution problem.  Instead of the weight being in muscle it has been in the fat hanging out around my mid-section. Read more of this post