The Turducken Stampede



We had a busy day today! A park, ducks, pony rides to celebrate the Calgary Stampede and a meat bag for dinner. Read more of this post


Reached the Plateau

Well it seems to be fairly official. A few weeks ago I had dropped three pounds, then went to the east coast and ate lobster – regaining the three pounds in the process.  Last week I dropped a pound, this week I regained it exactly which has also returned me to my pre and post-lobster weights. I am still losing fat and gaining strength and cardio capacity so maybe the 210- 213 range is the weight I am supposed to be.

I am going to continue to work on reducing weight, but I think that the focus will more be on continuing to burn fat and build muscle. If my weight does go down during that process, good for me, but it is not going to be primary objective. I feel that I am eating well and making good food choices – with allowances for ice cream and beer through the summer months. I know that I am getting physically stronger every week that I go to the gym and I know that I can run alongside my kids while they ride their bikes to school without getting tired or falling behind. I also know I could go further if I chose to take up running, which is not likely to happen. I ride my bike to work whenever possible and I can carry a baby in a carrier for hours on end while garage sale-ing without significant discomfort – other than the oval of sweat on my chest that comes from being attached to a little furnace while walking. I am going to stop writing these accountability posts because I am happy with what I have accomplished and while I have not make big strides towards reducing my overall weight, I have improved my overall health and that is more important. I’ll write periodically about my journey, but only as I feel that I achieve particular milestones.

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“Should rape be legalized to make it safer?”

This was the question posed by Sun Media “journalist” Faith Goldy to a woman standing near to me at the anti-choice “March for Life” last week. I was participating in the pro-choice presence as I do every year. Goldy was working her way along the line asking confrontational questions and pushing buttons. Often they were based on incorrect information or false assumptions. Others, like the question she asked about legalizing rape were ridiculous and designed to elicit outrage.

I fell for her interview style. I was unprepared when she came to interview me. She jumped from question to question and each one was argumentative and often ignored what I had previously said. I did a poor job explaining why I was there and why I am pro-choice because my brain’s first reaction to every question was “WHAT?” I didn’t do as I should have and rejected the premise of her questions or take a deep breath before responding to her. Luckily I have this handy blog and can write the response I will give the next time I run into her or any other such troll.

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Balancing Act

This week I ate 20 meals at restaurants and spent several days sitting in windowless rooms.  I made it to the gym once for an abbreviated period of time. I also may have consumed more than one beer. All-in-all not a week friendly to weight loss.  Last week I lost three lbs and this week I gained them back.  I’m ok with that since I knew this was going to be a challenging week, especially since I was in Prince Edward Island for four days and it is lobster season. They are also home to Cows ice cream and we took advantage of both culinary opportunities.  This week I get back to work tipping the balance back in my favour.

Going Down!

This week I made it to the gym almost everyday and have done a better job controlling my calorie intake. I am pretty sore today as a result of some back exercises yesterday. This too shall pass…

I continue to feel stronger and healthier and today when I weighed in, I had dropped three lbs from last week, I am down to 209. I am not sure that I will be able to hold the line on this progress since I am about to head off to a conference and meetings in two different cities over the next week – which means lots of restaurant food and less exercise time.  At least I have a head start and can maybe balance out between my weight loss this week and the weight gain that is sure to come.

Steady as he goes

212 last week, 212 this week.  I made it to the gym most days this week and have found a couple of new ab exercises that are making a more significant difference.  I was able to do five more sit-ups today than last week.  I’m still not doing a very good job tracking my calorie intake.  I am burning more calories, but not reducing my intake to see the difference in my weight. I still have work to do.

Making Time

I fell off the wagon a little in my exercise and weight loss program last week.  I made it to the gym once, in part because I was out of town for work.  being out of town also meant restaurant meals and a few drinks with colleagues – none of which are helpful in the calorie counting game.  I didn’t get around to writing a post last week – probably because I felt bit guilty about the week on this front. So then came the weekend, which of course included Easter and as it happens, my birthday on the same day.  That was a day full of chocolate and cake – both very helpful for weight loss. I did however make it to the gym almost every day this week.  I traded one day for sleep instead. I did better at tracking my calorie intake and I am feeling stronger. I can feel it particularly this week because I have been running alongside my 5 year old while she bikes to school for the first time this week. It isn’t that far to school. When I arrive I am not at all winded and actually last weekend on a practice ride around the neighbourhood I ran much further and wasn’t particularly winded.  It feels good to be in relatively decent shape and be able to do things like that.

I did weigh in last week and I was just over 213. I weighed in today and am back down to 212.  It is definitely harder to lose weight this time than it was last year when I dropped 25 lbs.  Regardless of the actual numbers though I am feeling healthier and the fat is burning off and I am building muscle which is countering some of the weight loss I might see if I were just focusing on reducing my caloric intake.