Six things my six year old has learned


Last week daughter number two turned six. Next week she starts grade one and moves on to learning all kinds of new things. I asked her what she had learned as a five year old. She came up with:

1) She learned how to make it across the monkey bars and back in the primary yard at school.

This is obviously an example of the superhuman strength she will use to lift cars off of people in the future. I am not sure I can make it across the monkey bars and back without touching the ground. I am pretty good at walking with my arms in the air while grasping the monkey bars, but apparently that is not the kind of success that she is talking about.

2) She learned how to ride a horse.

This happened during a visit to my aunt’s house and she apparently took the horse through its paces over jumps and raced around in circles in the training yard. Or at something like that.



This is not actually my aunt’s horse. This was a pony ride at a friend’s birthday. Apparently she was just too fast when riding the horse and¬†no one could capture her on film.

3) She claims to have become an excellent cupcake eater as a five year old.

I am fairly certain this particular skill pre-dates her fifth year, but I know she has been practising so I suspect she has improved her cupcake performance.

4) Dancing

I can’t really describe the dance she demonstrated as something she had learned this year, but it seemed like a well-honed skill and we know she has learned a number of dance routines this year and will continue to build her repertoire.

5) Swimming

She took some swimming lessons and has improved significantly. This year we are finally putting them in swimming lessons through the year so I’ll be up and at the pool with them every Saturday morning. I am not sure what the dad job is during the lessons. I assume there is nowhere that I can nap, so instead I’ll be the guy in the bleachers cheering them on and chanting their names when they dive to the bottom of the pool or make it to the other side faster than the next kid. It is unlikely I will be a hockey dad – since we aren’t putting them in hockey – so I’ll be the swimming dad instead.

6) French

Both girls are in French immersion at school and this year she has progressed from made up French-sounding words to real French words to English with a pretty excellent French accent. I suspect this is the year that they surpass my speaking abilities and start teaching me.


So now we are on to new adventures. One year older, a new school year and many more days of walking around the house singing “Let it go…”

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