Music Appreciation for Kids

The other night we were listening to the radio during dinner and Inside the Music started a feature on Maestro Fresh Wes. You may recall he let a certain Backbone Slide…

During the show the girls led by Laura started singing/shouting “DROP THE NEEDLE.”  

Maestro and many other rap and hip hop artists were part of the soundtrack of my teen years, along with a healthy dose of rock, hard rock and metal. Once the show was done and we finished dropping the needle I provided another opportunity for music education. I played a little AC/DC to expand their minds.

My wife – who is a singer – referred to this as screaming. I opted not to dive into Megadeath just yet to show her how tame AC/DC is in comparison.

I then showed them this version of Thunderstruck which is pretty cool as well.

My five year old continued walking around saying “Drop the Needle” for the rest of the evening. No head-banging yet, but I have years to work on that.

The next morning my five year old was walking around listening to her iPod at first singing Sharon, Lois and Bram and then a little while later she was singing U2’s “With or Without You.” She kept singing it throughout the day.

A productive couple of days educating my kids about the music they need to know.


What music are you introducing your kids to?







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One Response to Music Appreciation for Kids

  1. Susan Ratcliffe says:

    And don’t forget to Shake your Booty!

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