Learning to Crawl


Life is full of challenges. Often we know where we want to know, and sometimes the path to achieving our goal is filled with obstacles and challenges. I have often heard that it is about journey, not the destination. In the case of learning to crawl, the destination is all about being able to go on greater journeys. The frustrating thing for those of the learning-to-crawl set is that they can’t even take baby steps on their journey.

As I watch my ten month old take this journey and go through the daily successes and frustrations it makes me think about the processes we all go through as we strive to achieve something new. Sometimes we are working to reach a goal at work or school, a renovation project or building a new relationship with someone. The path is not always clear and you don’t know what challenges await as you work towards your goal.


First we learn to sit up and look around, take a scan of our environment and decide on the path that looks best.

Then we lean forward and try to get things in motion. At this point we may discover that the logistics aren’t quite right. In my daughter’s case, her left leg is uncooperative and she struggles to get it into position, most often this results in falling flat on her face.


Then we re-orient ourselves to compensate and overcome these initial issues when we discover that it isn’t going to work quite as we expected. My youngest takes a break and then gets herself up on her hands and knees and looks ready to go and then she starts moving – however, she is not going in the direction she expects to go. Most often she moves backwards instead of forwards. This happens to the best of us. One step back and two steps forward. The challenge for me is to let her fail and figure out her own solutions on this particular journey.


Every day of a journey brings new adventures and new successes. This particular journey will likely result in crawling in the next couple of days and it seems like that stage might be a short-lived one since she is also making great strides towards standing up under her own power and takes steps while holding my hands.

This kid spends a lot of time watching everyone around her walking around and watches her sisters running around so I think she has her eye on the bigger prize of walking and running. It is always good to have aspirational goals. We all have to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.

Here comes trouble!





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I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

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