Greatest Hits

When I started writing this blog 13 months ago it was a bit an experiment to see if I had enough content in me to keep up a steady stream of writing or if it was just the occasional thought or issue that inspired me to write. I had attempted a blog once before with a different objective. It was going to be my anonymous place that I could write all those letters to the editor that I periodically feel compelled to write but can’t because the topic touches on my professional work. That one didn’t pan out. I prefer to express opinions with my name attached.

Somehow I have managed to keep writing this blog and this post is my 100th. So on the occasion of my 100th post I am taking the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has read one of my posts and to the 130 people who have subscribed and are willing to let me periodically invade their reader or inbox. I appreciate all the comments and discussions. Thank you to all of you who have complimented my writing and thank you to my wife for her editing skills and for giving me the time to write from time to time. For those who might have missed one of two of my posts here are my ten favourite ones in no particular order.

1. Round and Round – My first post and the origin of the name of my blog.

2. On Fatherhood – A piece I wrote on what fatherhood is to me in advance of the birth of daughter #3

3. Bike Freedom – Teaching my daughter to ride a bike and trying not to get run over in the process

4. The Death of a Pet – I wrote this after we put down our cat a year ago

5. Parenting from the park bench – A parenting philosophy that I continue to struggle to follow.

6. Moving in together – I built some beds

7. The View from Here – The first in a series of pictures by my almost 6 year-old.

8. My Daughter has become my Grandfather – A post about family ties

9. Fatherhood 3.0 – A post about the differences between my daughters following the birth of #3

10. Baby Dreams – What do they dream about anyway?

11. Knuckle Sucker – A parenting strategy and childhood memory all rolled into one.

12. Remembrance and Hope – Changing traditions and new lessons learned

13. SNNOOOOOOWWW!!!!! – The first snowfall in what turned out to be a very snowy winter

14. Response to Matt Walsh on Sex-Ed – My most read post with well over 1000 views

15. Celebrating the women and girls in my life – I am surrounded by women and I wrote this post to mark International Women’s Day

16. Trapping the Midnight Turkeys – We had some fun building traps

17. A five year-old’s guide to being stubborn – Who wouldn’t want to improve their stubborning skills?

18. The dad thing to do – I made a good choice


I know, I know, sometimes my counting is a little off ( particularly in golf and bowling for some reason)


About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at

4 Responses to Greatest Hits

  1. Congratulations on meeting this milestone. Probably could have been worse.

    Looking forward to making it through your Top 14 favourite blog posts.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  2. Lisa W. says:

    I’m glad you included #17 which makes me laugh very, very hard. Runner-up is, of course, #7. Next installment please! — Lisa J-W.

    • DadGoesRound says:

      Thanks Lisa! She’ll be six this week and continues to demonstrate her capacity for stubbornness. We had a full bore tantrum last night because she changed her mind about something she wanted to do and her original decision which we had agreed to became completely intolerable to her. Good times were had by all.

      I do need to check her camera for new photos to download.although I have not noticed her taking a lot of photos lately.

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