What Brazil Needed




Brazil had a bit of a tough go at the World Cup today. Their match versus Germany was close for about ten minutes until Germany started scoring. It seemed to me that Brazil was missing a certain something. They just weren’t in the game. I think I figured out what they really needed today to help them win.

They needed a star. A player outstanding in his field. I of course was such a champion in my days playing soccer. My parents often suggest that I did a lot of standing around during matches and that I didn’t contribute in significant ways. I have previously written about my expertise in soccer/football.  I found these photos in a batch that my dad gave me from my heyday as a superstar. I consider them evidence of my days with athletic prowess.


Chasing the ball or perhaps running to the quartered oranges that one of the parents brought for us to eat at half-time.

Soccer2 1

Look how close I am to the ball! One could imagine that I might even catch up to the guy with the ball. I might even be able to crash into him so that we can both go down cradling our wounded shins.

It is a photo full of hope and dreams and tonight I offer to the Brazilian people who are collectively cradling their shins following their loss today.


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One Response to What Brazil Needed

  1. Susan Ratcliffe says:

    Ah yes, I remember it well – as a soccer player, you were a wonderful naturalist. So good at studying the green earth, the sky, the small creatures under your feet. Sometimes a great surprise – a round ball happened to be at your feet!

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