The Turducken Stampede



We had a busy day today! A park, ducks, pony rides to celebrate the Calgary Stampede and a meat bag for dinner.

We started the day with a visit to the park and found some ducks to visit.


The girls and their friends watched these four ducklings diving for food. They appeared to be bringing up tadpoles and eating them.


The girls were tried getting the ducks to come closer by throwing grasses into the water. The ducks either expected bread or jumping fish in response to the splashes in the water and they came for a visit.


After lunch and a break, it was off to our next adventure. This time to visit friends who come up with different ways to celebrate the Calgary Stampede every year. They are from Calgary and they mark the stampede every year. Last year was a big pancake breakfast. This year was pony rides for kids.





I have no pictures from dinner, but we brought it full circle by joining other friends of ours for dinner. We had turducken for dinner. For the uninitiated it is turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken. This particular was more of a roast. It was turkey and duck rolled up with chicken sausage. Fortunately it did not involve the ducks we met this morning.

It was the first time having turducken for all of us. Probably the last time too.

All-in-all a great day!


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