Sometimes change is ok…



I live in Ottawa. Ottawa is the Capital of Canada. Canada is so special it has its own day. Canada happens to be July 1. It happens every year.In the olden times it was called Dominion Day. I think that was because everyone shopped at Dominion grocery store on July 1st. To celebrate grocery shopping we throw kind of a big party here in Ottawa. Loads of people go downtown to celebrate on and around Parliament Hill – that is our big grocery story. Lots of people make speeches when they are in the Parliament buildings. I even wrote some of the speeches that were spoken on Parliament Hill for Canada Day several years ago. They were the greatest! I know because the other 30,000 people standing around listening to them cheered when my words were spoke aloud. We always go to Parliament Hill for Canada Day. Except for the time we lived in Toronto. In Toronto Canada Day is the day off following Pride Weekend. This year we did not go downtown for Canada Day.

This year it was pretty warm – 39 celsius with the humidity to be exact. That is the temperature at which you break a sweat whenever you inhale, exhale or bat an eyelash. The weather people also said to expect sudden drenchings and crazy wind. So instead of getting drenched with tens of thousands of our closest Canadian friends, we went somewhere with air conditioning – since babies aren’t the happiest when they are sweaty and drenched and potentially being scooped up by the wind. This year we went to the Aviation Museum and it turned out to be pretty great. There were inflatable things that didn’t blow away with children in them.


Totally boring right?

Obstacle courses with whitewater rafts


Really what is the point of rafting if you are going to stay dry? Fortunately there were helpful people with water guns to soak the obstacle course participants.

The Snowbirds even swung by for a visit while we were eating lunch


If you look closely you can see Chris Hadfield peeking out of the passenger window of the lead jet.

After some napping we went to a friend’s house for meat cooked with fire and beer (and some of that drenching rain).

All-in-all a pretty great Canada Day, even though there was no grocery shopping involved.




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