Reached the Plateau

Well it seems to be fairly official. A few weeks ago I had dropped three pounds, then went to the east coast and ate lobster – regaining the three pounds in the process.  Last week I dropped a pound, this week I regained it exactly which has also returned me to my pre and post-lobster weights. I am still losing fat and gaining strength and cardio capacity so maybe the 210- 213 range is the weight I am supposed to be.

I am going to continue to work on reducing weight, but I think that the focus will more be on continuing to burn fat and build muscle. If my weight does go down during that process, good for me, but it is not going to be primary objective. I feel that I am eating well and making good food choices – with allowances for ice cream and beer through the summer months. I know that I am getting physically stronger every week that I go to the gym and I know that I can run alongside my kids while they ride their bikes to school without getting tired or falling behind. I also know I could go further if I chose to take up running, which is not likely to happen. I ride my bike to work whenever possible and I can carry a baby in a carrier for hours on end while garage sale-ing without significant discomfort – other than the oval of sweat on my chest that comes from being attached to a little furnace while walking. I am going to stop writing these accountability posts because I am happy with what I have accomplished and while I have not make big strides towards reducing my overall weight, I have improved my overall health and that is more important. I’ll write periodically about my journey, but only as I feel that I achieve particular milestones.

Thanks for reading these particular posts.




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