My 3 Mums

Today I celebrate my three Mum’s! 

I have my own Mum who made me from scratch and raised me up.  I’ve known her the longest. She let me hang around at her place for a while until I got big enough to jump out of the nest on my own. My mum did a great job raising my brother and me. She kept us fed during our teen years when we consumed everything in the house as soon as she brought it home from the store. She taught us to think for ourselves and how to cook and do our own laundry – mostly by refusing to do it for us! She raised us up to be pretty reasonable, compassionate, respectful men. My mum is awesome! She has also turned out to be a pretty great grandmother to my daughters. Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!

I have my mother-in-law who has been in my life ever since I started dating her daughter almost 15 years ago. She welcomed me into her family and is also willing to feed me, although I don’t eat all the food in the fridge when I am at her house. My mother-in-law has played an important role in my life . She raised three smart, caring kids who have become great adults in their own right – including the daughter who would become my wife. Happy Mothers Day and thanks for all the work you did building and raising Laura!

Laura and I have been together for 14 years, 10 months and approximately 311 days and have been married for close to 13 of those years. We have been parents for 7 1/2 years and Laura is a tremendous parent. We work hard at doing that work as a team. The reality is that she spends more time with the girls since I am at the office or travelling for work – and these days working two jobs. She spends all day with our 7 month old and after school time with our older daughters. To the best of my knowledge she has never forgotten to pick them up from school and she keeps them entertained after school. She helps them find creative outlets for their energy and get their homework done. She has the patience to spend time baking with them (or at least that is how they perceive it). She has the patience to survive the day until I get home. She helps me to be patient with the girls and helps to de-escalate situations where I am being just as stubborn as our five-year old.  Laura is a beautiful, intelligent, creative and inspiring person. She is an incredible mum!  Happy Mother’s Day to the love of my life. Thank you for being so fantastic.


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One Response to My 3 Mums

  1. Susan Ratcliffe says:

    Thanks from your Mummy for writing such a wonderful tribute to all the Mums. We love you and cherish your words.

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