I’m Proud of My Brother




My brother achieved a milestone in his life yesterday.  He achieved a goal that he has worked towards fro the past five years. He quit a job and an entire industry.  He worked in restaurants for 16 years and has been trying to get out for about half that time. about five years ago he decided what the next thing was that he wanted to do with and in his life.  

The only thing is that he had to go back to school for three years to do it. He figured out what program was going to get him where he wanted to go, he went back to school and last week he wrote his final exams and submitted his final project.  He also managed to get two job offers in his chosen field and yesterday he accepted one of them. Then he went to the restaurant he has been working in through school and handed in his notice.

I am proud of my little brother for setting a goal, a big life goal and going for it. Even though it meant becoming a student again. Even though he knew it was going to take four to five years to get there. He set out on the journey and never looked back. He persevered and he achieved his goal.

He is an excellent role model for his nieces and we are all very proud of what he has accomplished.



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One Response to I’m Proud of My Brother

  1. Susan Ratcliffe says:

    His Mum and your Mum are also exceedingly proud of such a focussed and enthusiastic effort.
    Seeing his excitement at accomplishing his goals was enough to make a Mum weep quietly for a few days.

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