Making Time

I fell off the wagon a little in my exercise and weight loss program last week.  I made it to the gym once, in part because I was out of town for work.  being out of town also meant restaurant meals and a few drinks with colleagues – none of which are helpful in the calorie counting game.  I didn’t get around to writing a post last week – probably because I felt bit guilty about the week on this front. So then came the weekend, which of course included Easter and as it happens, my birthday on the same day.  That was a day full of chocolate and cake – both very helpful for weight loss. I did however make it to the gym almost every day this week.  I traded one day for sleep instead. I did better at tracking my calorie intake and I am feeling stronger. I can feel it particularly this week because I have been running alongside my 5 year old while she bikes to school for the first time this week. It isn’t that far to school. When I arrive I am not at all winded and actually last weekend on a practice ride around the neighbourhood I ran much further and wasn’t particularly winded.  It feels good to be in relatively decent shape and be able to do things like that.

I did weigh in last week and I was just over 213. I weighed in today and am back down to 212.  It is definitely harder to lose weight this time than it was last year when I dropped 25 lbs.  Regardless of the actual numbers though I am feeling healthier and the fat is burning off and I am building muscle which is countering some of the weight loss I might see if I were just focusing on reducing my caloric intake.



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