39 things I have learned in life



Today, as my children have reminded me, I turn 39. To mark the occasion I am sharing 39 things that I have learned so far in my life.

1. Sand in Prince Edward Island is red.

2. Little brothers can be convinced to eat wax when in the shape of a waffle.

3. Little brothers can be convinced to put pepper on their cheerios – especially if it is to get the taste of wax out of their mouth.

4. University residences can be evacuated when water is added to smoke detectors.

5. Sliding down fire poles at playgrounds can result in head injuries.

6. Standing on the edge of a snow pile and shovelling off the piece you are standing on can result in head injuries.

7. Sticking your foot into the front wheel of your bike while riding will result in a rapid stop, and in some cases – a broken collarbone.

8. A sleeping infant on your chest is one of the best feelings in the world.

9. Gelato in Italy is better than ice cream in Canada.

10. A tent is the best place to experience a thunderstorm.

11. A six month old can down a bottle of formula much faster that I can down a bottle of beer.

12. Groundhogs are formidable foes.

13. Coke is addictive, especially if you drink a 2 L. bottle a day.

14. Mini-vans hold a lot of stuff.

15. I can build beds that don’t fall down.

16. A stubborn 5 year old is more impressive than a stubborn dad.

17. Loft beds and vomit are not a good mix.

18. Being accountable for your actions is life changing.

19. Riding a bike = freedom.

20. Teaching a kid to ride a bike feels like handing her the keys to a life of freedom and adventure.

21. I can control what I eat and lose weight when I put my mind to it – unless my birthday happens to fall on Easter, then all bets are off.

22. Kids teach me all kinds of lessons about myself and life.

23. A partnership built on respect, communication and of course love will endure (almost 15 years and counting).

24.Travel embiggins life and perspective.

25. Kids and wives love chocolate.

26. I enjoy knocking on doors and talking to people. Political campaigns and girl guide cookie sales are among the best excuses to do so.

27. I like to help people.

28. Midnight turkeys are unpredictable and can’t be trusted.

29. How to drive a manual transmission.

30. Sometimes people get so surprised when you ask them to marry you that they ask if you are kidding.

31. Vinegar, dish soap and water make a very effective glass cleaner, especially when dried with newspaper.

32. I am comfortable working on a ladder three stories up.

33. Cats are funny people.

34. I prefer cold snowy Ottawa winters to grey, damp, slushy Toronto winters.

35. I can hit a bullseye with an arrow from 100 meters.

36. Planting trees is hard work.

37. Parents are smart people.

38.Chipping a tooth on a bunk bed in Ireland makes for an interesting story.

39. Love is all you need.



About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

2 Responses to 39 things I have learned in life

  1. Colleen says:

    Happy birthday! Making me think of doing a top 37 things I’ve learned, in a few months! Mine should also include #4.

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