Win Some, Lose Some

The last couple of weeks have gone well at the weigh-in and I’ve dropped a couple of pounds a week.  Not so this week.  I set out a couple of weeks ago to reverse my weight gain trend.  I started going to the gym again and I started tracking my calories again.  This week I made it to the gym four days, which was a step up from the week before.  I also did a better job tracking my food intake and hitting my targets.  I also started to notice physical changes.

My pants are a bit looser this week and I am feeling a bit stronger.  When I weighed in this week I had regained the weigh I dropped last week.  I am back up to 214.  I suspect some of that is new muscle. Some of it is girl guide cookies.  The process of loosing weight is often a bit of a roller coaster and this was my experience last year.  Some weeks were up and some were down and overall the trend was down.  Knowing that is helpful to me in this process.  It is nonetheless a bit demoralizing.  I will continue to do a improve my tracking of food intake and exercising and I will get there.  Week three is done and I am back into the routine of going to the gym and that in itself is a victory.


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