Accounting Down

Accountability post #2

I made it to the gym more days than not this week. Pretty good considering last week was March break and I go to operate on my own schedule and didn’t have to get anyone up for school.  This week I made it there three days, skipped one intentionally because I had to be on the road for work at 6am.  Skipped another day due to children being awake in the night and needing to sleep in order to be functional for the day.

I was also pretty good at tracking my food intake this week.  Skipped on day because I was on the road and eating road food so I knew I didn’t really stand a chance.  I did try to pick some healthier options, but those may have been completely negated by the box of timbits that I ate…

In spite of the missed gym days and the day of road food and another with a couple of catered meetings I am down another 2 lbs.  I weighed myself this morning and am down to 212 from 214 last Friday.  So far I am on track.


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