So Much Anger!

Our two oldest girls tend to have fights from time to time.  Sometimes – very unusual I know – there is overwrought emotional expression involved in these discussions.  We have encouraged them to consider drawing their feelings instead of hitting the offending combatant.

On the weekend Laura and I were the recipient of the following expressions of emotion…

This one started the process.  We can see that on the rage scale this is a level 10 mad. You will note the angry open eyes, inflamed cheeks and very definite frown expressing displeasure at the situation.


Not to be outdone, D2 responded with her own artistic expression of mild frustration.


Since it would be unfair to allow little sisters to have the upper hand or final draw as it were – this picture which I will call Mad 2.0 was produced.  Notice the addition of angry eyebrows and now some slightly crazed pupils.


And then?  The death head.


Really how could that possibly be topped?

You might wonder what could possibly produce this level of artistic fury?

D2 didn’t want D1 to remove her monkey from baby school classes and D1, well she really wanted to take Monkey up into her bed and thus the spiral began.

It is possible that my kids have a different perspective on the world than me.

I liked the pictures though.  I think they are probably worth keeping.


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3 Responses to So Much Anger!

  1. tizzyclark says:

    It’s actually a great way for kids to work out their emotions. I have an 8 year old that was diagnosed with a “mood disorder”, it is much easier for him to write about or draw how he is feeling than to speak about them. Usually after he realizes he was so angry about nothing, keep these for future boyfriends so they know what they are in for!!!

  2. Lisa J-W says:

    I think the first D2 drawing and the second D2 drawing go together. Don’t you see the ghosts above the head? And then…DEATH HEAD. — LJW

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