More Wishful Thinking


As I wrote in a previous post, my wife got me this book and while she filled in most of the blanks, there are some she left blank.  That makes them fair game for me to fill in.  Today #26 and it is “I wish someone would 

_________ a ________ about you.”  I think the obvious choices here are write a book, film a movie or tell a story.

I don’t relish the idea of someone writing a book about me because that means they get to make up what they want instead of me making it up. Sure someone else could write about my adventurous life full of submarines, mountains and treasure hunts, but I rather write about my adventures with my wife, kids and cat. Often I think those experiences are far more dramatic. Maybe not when I end up sleeping on a couch with a sick baby, but adventures nonetheless.

Filming a movie has similar problems except that I’d probably end up with Rob Ford-esque footage of me walking into a camera or tripping over a cable.  Plus the camera is never kind to thining hair. The camera light reflect off the more exposed scalp hiding beneath.  So no movie for me.

I think I would go for a story being told about me, so long as it isn’t about the time I knocked myself unconscious by shoveling off the piece of snow pile I was standing on or got my foot caught in my bike tire resulting in a broken collarbone.  Those are not good stories to tell. The story about my neighbours calling the cops on us a noisy house party, which conveniently ended before they arrived or working for wine as a tour guide in Italy, sleeping underground in Australia or racing to the hospital for the birth of our second daughter are all good stories to tell.  Someday maybe I will tell them myself here.


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