Stopping the Creep

My name is Chris and it has been four months since I last went to the gym.  This week is March Break and that means that I don’t have to get the girls up to get to school.  That means more flexibility in my own morning schedule.  In January 2013 I started going to the gym every morning.  I found it easier to make it part of my daily routine instead of going periodically.  In spite of that I was not dropping any weight or fat and I had acquired a solid amount of that over the years.  Then my boss told me about an app he had used for weight management. It worked well for a while, until I fell off the wagon.

I started using myfitnesspal to track my food intake on a daily basis and immediately started losing weight.  Within 5 or 6 months I had dropped 25 lbs.  This was in part a result of cutting back on snacking because I didn’t want to have to enter the snacks into my food diary.  The bigger impact was the education I received on how many calories were in each food item.  That helped me to make better choices about what to eat when I was hungry.  No more Starbucks muffins for example. I also made conscious choices about what I would eat in relation to what I planned later in the day.  If I expected to have desert or a beer later that evening I would avoid snacks or be more careful about what I ate earlier in the day.  I never felt hungry or like I was missing out.  If anything I felt like I had control over my weight and body for the first time in my life.

I used the app to track food intake and exercise on a daily basis and weight on a weekly basis.  Then I stopped tracking the food because I was doing a good job enacting the lessons I had learned about what to eat.  The weight kept dropping and I was doing well going to the gym every day.  And then we had a baby.

When our daughter was born in October my schedule and routine fell apart.  I still had to get up to get the girls to school in the morning and then all bets were off.  Depending on how the previous night had gone I would go home and go back to bed.  Most often I worked from home.  I worked part-time for two months and during that period of time I felt sleeping for an extra 30-60 minutes was better for me than going to the gym.  I did make it to the gym sporadically and the weight was holding pretty steady.

After a few days of being back to work full-time I started a second part-time job to help pay the bills and help out an organization that I believe in.  For the past three months I haven’t been paying much attention to exercise or food intake and over the past several weeks I have been feeling a bit creaky and like I had probably put on some of the weight I previously lost.

Since this week is March Break and I can have more control over my schedule in the morning I decided to get back on track.  Good news – today is day one and I made it to the gym.  I was able to lift the same weight as the last time I was at the gym so that was reassuring.  Of course I have been using kids as barbells for the past five months…  On the downside I have gained nine pounds.

So now I am back to tracking food intake and exercise and I am going to push that weight back down.  I am going to write a post every Friday to track my progress.  That will make me accountable to all of you kind readers.  Last time I set an arbitrary goal of losing 15 lbs because I had no idea what was possible or what the right weight is for me.  I dropped 25 lbs and still had fat to burn.  I stalled out around 207 lbs.

Today I am at 216 and my goal is to get to 200 lbs. by June.  Even with the roller coaster that is part of this game, I am confident that I can lose 2 lbs. a week as I did before so long as I stick to tracking my intake every day. I’ll let you know how it goes.




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8 Responses to Stopping the Creep

  1. I gained 30 lbs the month I quit smoking. At first I thought it would be 30 pounds a month, but luckily it ended there (as soon as I stopped substituting cigarettes for candies).

  2. I have to get this on my agenda as well. I am over 300 though. Good luck my friend. You can hit that goal.

  3. DadGoesRound says:

    For me it was tracking calories that made the big difference. I tried going to the gym every day and while that made me stronger, it did nothing to reduce my weight or waist. Within a week of tracking calories I saw a difference. It took several days to get into the habit of remembering to enter everything, but it quickly became a habit and was very satisfying and motivating to see on a weekly basis when I weighed myself that it was working. The pant sizes started dropping noticeably as well, which just added to the motivation. I have carried extra weight for much of my life and using this app and website was very empowering. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

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  5. I would love to be at 216! As long as you’re not 4′ tall, you’re probably doing okay. I did great to lose weight by running and watching what I ate but have recently been really hitting the beer too hard. I’m hoping to get back into the good habits soon. Best of luck to you!

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