Now What Am I Supposed To Do?


For the past two weeks my life has had clarity, purpose and routine.  Today that all came to a crashing halt.  I am feeling a little lost and unsure what tomorrow will bring. 

The Olympics have come to an end and with it, CBC’s wall-to-wall coverage.  The TV has been on constantly and regardless of sport or whether I have already seen the competition or knew the outcome, I would watch.  I watched in the morning before getting the girls up to get ready for school.  I watched with them while they ate breakfast on the floor in front of the TV.  I “watched” throughout the day via Twitter and I watched when I got home.  After putting the girls to bed, we watched the wrap up of the day and highlights.

And now…


I want Lady Mary to show us her curling skills, Gibbs and the NCIS gang to show us how they fare at biathalon and bobsleigh.  I hope that Patrick Jane will skate circles around the criminals in figure skating and I’d like to see the team from the Jeffersonian take on the Norwegians in Hockey (no point in competing with us Canadians on that front.)

Instead there will be a void in my life where the olympics used to be and it will take weeks to adjust to their absence – luckily the Paralympics start in a couple of weeks!

Thanks to all the Olympians who have trained so hard and used their drive and passion to reach such an elite level of performance. Their skills and athleticism have kept me couch-bound for two weeks.  Now I am going to need one of them to carry me to the gym…




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