Of Vomit and Loft Beds


Friday was Valentine’s Day.  A day of lovers, chocolate, flowers and cards.  We were so invested in the sentiment of this day that I fell asleep watching the olympics – possibly skating.  I don’t really remember since my eyes kept closing.  I was pretty wiped out and went to bed earlier than usual, leaving my valentine to look after my usual evening tasks of loading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen and feeding the cat.  I’m such a romantic…

Laura woke me up at some point in the night to let me know that our oldest had thrown up.  Both our five and seven year-olds sleep in loft beds.  A brilliant idea we came up with when we were getting ready to move them into a shared room this summer prior to the birth of their sister.  We hit on the idea of loft beds instead of bunk beds when they started arguing about who would get the top bunk.  I built them each a loft bed this summer and by-in-large it has worked well.  I made the beds a bit higher than the plans called for so that we could fit their desks underneath the beds.


In the past six months we have discovered a few downsides to loft beds .

1) It is hard to change the sheets on a mattress that is at the same height as your head and encased in bed rails.

2) It requires more effort to snuggle in a bed with stairs designed for a kid and with ceiling clearance for a kid.  It is also more challenging to get out of the bed without waking up the sleeping child.

3) It is even less fun to clean up puke that started its journey five feet up.  As you might imagine there is a certain amount of splatter that occurs upon impact with the floor. I decided not to include any reference photos of this particular issue.

We opted to move them both to the floor for the following day and night to solve some of these issues.  On Saturday evening I felt like I was preparing for war or a hurricane.  We were anticipating a second night of puking from D1 and the addition of at least one more family member.  As it turned out no one else got sick that night.  Happily I can report that everyone is now healthy and the girls are back up in their sky beds…

Do you have any strategies you use to prepare for sick kids?

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I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

One Response to Of Vomit and Loft Beds

  1. Susan says:

    Send them to stay at their best friends’ houses, or get a dog to lick up the evidence.
    Advice from Nanny. . .

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