I’m a Winner!

Finally is all I have to say.  I have been angling for a blog award nomination since my third blog post.  Finally it has happened.  Oilfield Mom has nominated me for a Liebster Award.


So now that I am a big winner I will do my chain award duties as prescribed below. 

Here’s how the Liebster Award works:

  1. You thank the presenter who nominated you.
  2. You link back to their blog.
  3. You answer the 11 questions that you were asked by the aforementioned presenter.
  4. You ask 11 of your own questions.
  5. You nominate 11 small (200 or less followers) blogs, not including the one who nominated you.

Here are my answers to the 11 questions asked by Amanda:

1. What made you start to blog?

I like to write and I could only write so many letters to the editor so I decided to give blogging a try to see if I had enough content in me to make a go of it.  Not sure what “it” is that I am making a go of, other than to have a space to write. Over time it has become more about winning a Liebster…

2. What inspired you to choose your blog title?

My daughter and her favourite song by Matt Anderson.  Actually my first post was about the name of the blog.  Originally my wife and I were going to co-write the blog, but it has really been all about me and she has been my editor.  Since I have basically become a dad blogger I am considering modifying the blog name slightly to reflect that.  More on that in the coming weeks when I get my act together.

3. What is your favorite movie?

It varies from time to time and I can’t say I have seen many complete movies since becoming a dad.  Well not movies that don’t involve Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora or Max and Ruby.  I’d have to go with the original Star Wars trilogy as a favourite because it was such a part of my childhood and youth.  Plus I can breathe a mean Vader.

4. If you had to choose one song that describes your life, which would you choose and why?

Depends on my stage of life.  Currently I am going to stick with Go Round and Round by Matt Anderson.

5. What were your New Year resolutions this year, and have you broken any yet?

None.  I am not very resolute.

6. What is your current desktop background?

Our five year old just changed it last week so now it is space with what appears to be a cosmological feature like the Northern Lights in purple.

7. What is the last thing you ate?

A Klondike Bar during Thomas the Tank Engine movie night.

8. Name three items that are within your reach, without having to get up or move.



Sleeping four month old.

9. Coke or Pepsi?


10. Are you very open, or are you private?

Given some of the topics I have covered on this blog to date I’d have to go with fairly open.

11.  If money was no object, what would you buy right now?

That’s a hard reality to imagine.  It wouldn’t stuff.  It would be an experience.  Probably a family trip to introduce my kids to family in Britain or a trip to Italy with my wife – we could leave the kids with family in Britain and take off!

Here are the blogs I am nominating for the glory and incredible wealth that come with this award. It turns out that many of the blogs I follow are either followed by more than 200 people or have apparently gone defunct.  Here are seven nominees for now and I’ll add to this list as I discover additional blogs that I consider worthy.

So This is Fatherhood  http://sothisisfatherhood.com

Not so Private History http://notsoprivatehistory.wordpress.com

Digging Deeper http://mikepitts.wordpress.com

Dr. Gail Beck http://drgailbeck.com

Urban Commuter http://urbancommuter.wordpress.com

Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad  http://adventuresofastayathomedad.wordpress.com

Dads The Way I Like It  http://dadsthewayilikeit.wordpress.com


My Questions

1) Who inspires you?

2) Why do you write?

3) What has been the most popular piece you have written?

4) Cold enough for ya?

5) Have you made any interesting connections as a result of your blog?

6) Is it ever a challenge to keep personal and professional separate?

7) How long does winter last in your part of the world?

8) What cause are you most passionate about?

9) Why?

10) How did you get here?

11) What?


About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

One Response to I’m a Winner!

  1. Susan says:

    If you are changing the title of the blog from Round and Round, you could call it 3D Dizzy Dad, or Dizzy Dad in 3D.
    Good alliteration! Love Mum

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