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In the fall I asked you, my faithful readers to click your mouse and cast your votes in the Aviva Community Fund competition.  My daughters’ school was a contender for funds to build a new playground for the kindergarten kids.  The playstructure is more than 30 years old and can only fit six kids at a time.  This year our school went to full day kindergarten and while not all 140 kids are in the yard at a time, there are often 90 kids out there.

On Tuesday this week, they announced the winners of the competition.

They made the announcement on Canada AM, which was broadcast from our school.  Hundreds of kids and parents came out at 6am for the broadcast and announcement.  I wish I had pictures of my own to share with you from the event, but my phone wasn’t working properly so I couldn’t get pictures for you.  However, lots of others took photos and you can find them here.

Our school was a grand prize winner.  We won $90,000 for a new playground.  It is an incredible sum of money and it would have taken us years to raise funds like that.  The whole school community is so grateful for all the support.  So to all of you who cast your votes in support – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!




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One Response to Thank You!

  1. Susan says:

    I did see the announcement, but did not see the always beautiful Daughters 1 and 2 in the crowd!
    Congratulations to all of you for your hard work on this project. It”s so great to see success as a result of good effort. Love, Mum

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