View from Here III

D2 the photographer has been hard at work again.    Here is a sampling of her latest photo collection.

My beautiful picture

At least someone is working hard around here…

My beautiful picture

D2 is very excited to be a big sister so we have quest a few shots of D3

 My beautiful picture

Thankfully this is not a shot of D3.  Sometimes I am concerned that Princess’ head might start to spin…


Tongue the selfie

My beautiful picture

Tummy time and working hard.

My beautiful pictureDSCN0562

How often do you get both sides of this picture?

My beautiful picture

D1’s marble b-day cake – notable for the real marbles!

My beautiful picture

She likes to party like it’s 1999!


We found the smile and laugh button!!


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One Response to View from Here III

  1. My wife took a bunch of shots like that first one – me sleeping as I am with the kid. The first one may have been funny but after a few, she may have been trying to make a point.

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