It snowed yesterday.  Just a little bit.  We woke up to almost 25 cms of snow on the ground.  Fortunately the girls were excited to get out of bed and get dressed so that they could help me shovel the snow before school.  Of course their version of helping is to participate just long enough until there is a pile of snow that they can play on.


It was a beautiful walk to school in the morning!  The actual work clearing the snow started after I dropped the girls at school.  I have no photos of that process because it was less fun and not so beautiful, especially when the road ploughs came by to fill in the end of the driveway just after I finished clearing it.


The school buses were cancelled throughout eastern Ontario yesterday, but we are walkers so we walked to school.

More accurately I walked and the girls rode in the toboggan as I pulled them to school.



Other people clearing their snow!


The temperature was just below zero so the snow was heavy and sticky.  It was attached to everything.





We couldn’t see the playground when we arrived because the snow was attached to the chain link fence and essentially turned the fences into walls.


The school yard at the end of a hard day’s work.  The kids took full advantage of the packing snow to make snowmen and snowhenges of large snowballs.

It was a great day for the first big snowfall.  It was beautiful and that wonderful silence that comes with being enveloped in snow.



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6 Responses to SNNOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!

  1. abbieclair says:

    You have no idea how envious I am I live in sydney aus and its summer here I crave winter and would love to have a white Christmas!

    • goroundround says:

      We were in Sydney almost ten years ago and the day in March we flew there we left a blizzard here and landed in a 40 degree humidity soup. It was a shock to our system since it was a 60 degree temperature difference from Ottawa to Sydney.

  2. neal says:

    I love the way things feel slower, quieter, more muted when it snows. Though I don’t love the snow clearing.

    We had our first snow in the mountains of California last week, and though it didn’t stick, I look forward to my daughter’s first experience sledding.

    • goroundround says:

      It was certainly that kind of snow the day I took these shots. Except for the fact that we walk to school alongside a four lane street so there was also the noise of cars driving through the slush and the plows driving by. It is possible that this snow might stick around. We’ve had colder days here this week and are getting more snow today, although not as much. It used to be quite normal for the November snow to stick around through the winter, but not so common anymore. The snow today is nice since it gives a fresh coating to cover the dirty snow alongside the roads and sidewalks turned up by the plows and snowblowers.
      No sledding yet, but lots of snowman building so far!

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