I Am Thankful For…

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.  I have much to be thankful for this year.

Three Healthy Daughters – I am thankful for three healthy daughters who teach me and challenge me everyday. I am fascinated by their perspectives on the world and the questions they ask.  I am sure the arguing will stop any day now…

My Partner-in-Life and in Parenting – The mother of my daughters, my intelligent, creative, beautiful, caring wife.  Twelve years ago she said “I do” and agreed to be my partner-in-life.  We have had many adventures over the years, travelling, changing cities a couple of times, unemployment, new jobs, three pregnancies and births, raising two kids so far and starting to parent our third.  She inspires me to be a better person and a better parent.  I am thankful that she said yes.

Opportunities to Help – I have been fortunate to have jobs that provide me with an opportunity to make a difference for people and communities.  I feel productive and useful when I can see the impact my efforts make for an individual or community.  I enjoy helping people to connect to one another and to resources so they can achieve their objectives. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and found that have allowed me to do that.

Parents – I am thankful for my parents and they opportunities they provided for me.  They split up when I was not much older than D1 and I appreciate the efforts they made to work together and get along for me and my brother.

My Brother – I am thankful to have a little brother who has grown up to be taller and smarter than me.  He is an excellent uncle to my girls and is an example to all of us that it is possible to find one’s path and be successful on that path.

The basics – I am thankful to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on the table, more so since it is sometimes a challenge to maintain those things.

A Great Team – I work with a great group of colleagues across the province and even though we are spread all over the place, it is a great team and I am fortunate to work with such a supportive, knowledgable, creative and good-natured group.

Friends and Neighbours – We have been the recipients of much love and generosity over the past week and a half since D3 was born and I am very appreciative of all the support we have received.

Foresight – I am thankful for the foresight to have only an apple for lunch so that I could have two plates of thanksgiving dinner yesterday!


About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

One Response to I Am Thankful For…

  1. Susan Ratcliffe says:

    Beautiful thoughts for this beautiful day, my son. And I am thankful to you for sharing your thoughts, and for not making grammar errors while doing so. Thanks for my beautiful girls and their wonderful parents. I missed the loud fun gathering in the kitchen!
    Love Mum

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