Kid #3 has arrived and It’s a ….


Well, the results are in, or perhaps I should say out…  yesterday afternoon Laura’s contractions finally got themselves sufficiently organized to present a united front and get organized into a sort of regular pattern.  After a couple of hours of sustained contractions we decided it was time to put the plan into action.  We told the girls after dinner that we thought it was time to take mummy to the hospital. The girls exploded off of their chairs with excitement.  They were so excited that things were finally underway – plus that they would get to have a sleep over with their friends.  We called our friends and told them that we thought it was time for us to head to the hospital and so they came to pick up the girls.  We already had our stuff ready to go so we did a last check and got ourselves to the Civic site of The Ottawa Hospital.  It was all very leisurely.

It was quite different from our last experience.  The birth of our second daughter was an exciting experience – a bit movie-esque.  She was three weeks early and labour was fast.  The whole production involved our doctor driving to the hospital in the car with us, illegal parking, a wheelchair race through the halls and delivery 15 minutes after hospital arrival.

By comparison birth experience #3 was sedate and more typical of what you are told to expect.  We arrived at the hospital a bit early, but given our last experience we opted not to risk having the baby in the car.  We walked around the neighbourhood around the hospital for a couple of hours to move things along then we walked around the hospital.  Then they broke Laura’s waters, we walked around some more and then there was the extra effort part of labour – which Laura did awesome at.  Then there was the baby.

Since birth was just before 5am the next thing that happened is daddy fell into a deep sleep.  During my beauty sleep Laura talked to our friends who are looking after the girls to pass along the news to them about their new sibling and apparently there was much cheering in the background.  They came to the hospital for a visit this afternoon.

So now we are learning and re-learning how to look after a newborn.  So far there has been some good sleeping and some good eating.  Mostly some good recovery time for mum and baby.  I had forgotten all about swaddling babies and how that works.  I got out of the first diaper change thanks to our nursing student who was looking for things to do.  I was happy to allow her to the opportunity since I will have many diaper changing opportunities over the next few years and have changed many a diaper in my dad-career to date.

So… bet you are wondering what we got.  Who is gender-neutral sibling for our girls?  Will he/she be dressed in blue or pink?  Will I get to have bonding moments at neighbouring urinals?  Do we need to acquire a new wardrobe or will this kid be wearing the girls’ hand-me-downs?  Will this guy shut up and just tell us already?

Well, first off, we have a beautiful healthy child, who is making some pretty cute noises while sleeping in my arms.  As discussed in a previous post, I am outnumbered in the female/male ratio in our house.  This was to be true regardless of who this kid was.


In this particular scenario I am especially outnumbered because we now have three daughters. She will not join me in the urinal pee-time, but she will wear pink and blue and hand-me-down clothes of all colours.  She will grow up with a couple of great older sisters to guide her and pick on her.  She will grow up with loving parents who will do all they can do help her develop as a dynamic, resilient person and she will be whatever she seeks for herself in life.

Welcome to our family.


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One Response to Kid #3 has arrived and It’s a ….

  1. Anne-Siri says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Big hugs to all of you! And thank you for sharing all the news in your blog. Anne-Siri

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