View From Here Part II

Well I downloaded another batch of photos from my five-year old’s camera.

My beautiful picture

Supper – I’m not quite sure what it is that we were eating, but it must have been an excellent dinner that night for her to consider it photo worthy.

My beautiful picture

Her perspective on her uncle – my brother.  I wonder if we all look like giants?

My beautiful picture

Somehow her world got turned upside down that day…

My beautiful picture

The view from the backseat driver.

My beautiful picture

We got this art kit years ago but there were so many pieces to it that we put it away for a while.  We recently rediscovered it and brought it out for the girls.  Now-a-days we see it like this very frequently.  Fortunately the girls are pretty good at keeping the contents in the box so they are not typically among the many other things we have the opportunity to step on.

My beautiful picture

Another candid shot of violet.  She is her favourite and features in many photos.


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2 Responses to View From Here Part II

  1. Lisa J-W says:

    Of course I enjoy reading all of your entries, but the “View From Here” ones (dare I hope it will be a series???) are my absolute favourite. 🙂

    • goroundround says:

      It will be a regular feature. She takes lots of photos and as a result provides me with plenty of content to work with. We just need to get her to hold the camera still long enough for it to take the photo so there aren’t so many blurry smears instead of identifiable subjects.

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