This week marks 37 weeks in Laura’s pregnancy.  At this point in her last pregnancy we unexpectedly and rather suddenly had a baby.  Apparently births get faster and if one of your kids was early it is likely the next will also be early.  So now we are waiting and it is going to start feeling overdue pretty fast.

October 1 is the official due date, but I have been operating on the assumption that we are more realistically looking at mid-September given the likelihood that the kid will come early.  Our last one showed up after three hours of labour (don’t hate us please) and 15 minutes after arriving at the hospital with the doctor in the car en route to the hospital.  Given the speed and likelihood that something similar will happen this time, I am banned from leaving the city – which I normally do regularly for work – for the month.  I have also been carrying my phone with me everywhere I go, waiting for the call.

I know most of you probably always carry your phone with you everywhere, but I have two phones.  I am not supposed to use my work phone for personal use and I often let the calls go to voice mail so as not to get diverted from the work I am doing at the time.  So I am carrying my personal phone everywhere and waiting for the labour alarm to ring.  Actually I was at a board meeting last night and Laura called and my heart skipped a beat.  No labour, false alarm.  It turns out that our five year old was expressing some resistance to the idea of going to bed and wanted to talk to me.

It was easier to wait when I had work to do to prepare for the third coming.  Then I had something to keep me occupied and could feel like I was doing something to contribute to the process and preparation.  Laura is looking after the maintenance on the current housing arrangements for the kid and I was making space for the kid once it is born.  But now that is done and so far no significant indications that the kid is ready to move into it’s new digs.

So we continue to wait.


About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

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