We survived

Well, we made it.  Like hundreds of thousands of other families in Canada and much of North America, we survived the first week back in school.  It is always a time of adjustments and new things.  New pencils, new classes, new friends, new routines and at our school a new fence and bigger playground for the kindergarten kids.

We learned some lessons this week as a family and as individuals.

1. Day camp the week before school was good practice for getting to school on time.

2. Kids grow over the summer and pants that fit in the spring don’t necessarily fit in the fall.

3. Organizing 100 kindergarten kids can be a bit crazy – mostly a lesson for some teachers this week and they learned it well and adapted for day two.

4. Cream cheese and jam on wraps is not ok for lunch, cream cheese and jam on bread is ok for lunch – who knew?

5. Kids who are exited to go to school on day one are less so on day two.

6. Even though your best friend ends up in a different class, it is still possible to spend time together on the playground.

7. Emus are funny birds.

8. Not practicing writing numbers all summer can still result in better quality numbers in the fall.

9. The first week of school is tiring and hard work.

10. Alarm clocks work better to wake up kids than Daddies.

All-in-all a successful, if tiring week for everyone.  We’ll see who wants to go back on Monday…

How did your first week back go?


About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

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