Cribs and Paint

It’s done.  I finished off the baby’s room (minus some cosmetic things like hanging pictures on the wall) this weekend.  Fortunately for me, my brother was visiting and so I had help to move furniture around and get the room set up.  We put together the crib which was considerably easier than building loft beds from scratch.


The crib is one of the things we saved from our first two kids.  When we dug it out from storage it was somewhat dusty, but a solid cleaning and it is good to go.  I also had to make a couple of adjustments to the crib since apparently now it is a dangerous piece of furniture.  It is or I should say, was, a drop-side crib and those have been recalled.  I can’t recall the reason, but I remember that it was possible to order adapter kits to make them no longer drop-side.  Laura and I are both tall so we rarely used the drop-side feature to put our kids into or take them out of the baby-jail.

I just drove some screws through the sides and into the top rail and no it is no longer a drop-side crib and the everyone can sleep soundly knowing that our kid will not easily escape from the crib – initially at least.

In addition to the crib we picked up a pull-out couch from Ikea for cheap so that we can occasionally have visitors and they can sleep somewhere without waking up in the morning on a deflated air mattress. We have been through several air mattresses and they all seem to spring a leak pretty rapidly after a few uses.  This pull-out doesn’t have a metal frame to sleep on, but there is some wood that my brother discovered wasn’t so comfortable for his legs.  We’ll look into getting a foam mattress that we can roll up and store and then toss on to make it more comfortable.



So just some books to organize on the bookshelf, a few pictures to hang on the wall and a sheet for the crib and the room will be all done.  We might need a baby to accessorize the room, but that will come in due course.




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