The view from here







Our five year old is a photographer.  She likes to use our camera to take pictures of things and people.  Sometimes she sets up tableaus to photograph, sometimes she takes still life photos and in others she does action shots .  For her fifth birthday last week we gave her a camera for her birthday.  It is always fun when we download photos from the camera and now hers to see what she has been taking pictures of.

I think this will be a regular feature whenever I download photos.




A gang of peeps on the prowl caught in action.




This is our friend violet.  She hangs out at our place and sometimes travels with us.  Contrary to this photo she is not typically a thumb-sucker.

My beautiful picture

Her first selfie with her own camera.

My beautiful picture

A ghost in the mirror.  Still a little work to be done with holding the camera still…


My beautiful picture

When you are less than four feet tall doorknobs are a prominent feature in your life.


My beautiful picture

This is a pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny game that she crated on her own for her friends to play at her birthday party.  She is pretty proud of it.

My beautiful picture

Who is that handsome devil?

My beautiful picture

Princess snuck out back to blow a few bubbles when she thought nobody was watching.

My beautiful picture

A certain baby bump.

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3 Responses to The view from here

  1. Lisa J-W says:

    Whee, I love this blog entry! Please ask the photographer if she will contribute more pics. 🙂

  2. goroundround says:

    She is developing content on a regular basis and I will do another posting soon!

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