I am an Addict

An information addict that is.  I have a compulsion to know things.  Not for any specific reason, just because I want to know what is going on in the world.  I’m not saying I have a big problem, I can quit anytime.  I just don’t want to quit yet…

Here is what my information saturation day looks like. Every morning I get up and go to the gym and while I am using a cardio torture machine I watch CNN – partly because they are the only news channel going before six am that is available at the gym.  After the gym, I go home and I read the local newspaper (Ottawa Citizen) – yup a real newspaper, made out of paper and everything.  Then I take an information break while I shower, get dressed and make lunches for me and the six-year old.  After I drop her off at school I listen to podcasts on the bus if I am not biking to work.  I get to the office and turn on my computer where I check my email, two twitter accounts, my work media clippings and some online papers.  Throughout the day I periodically check Twitter in case there are any earthquakes, mayor’s getting arrested, or news that is relevant to my job.  On my way home I listen to more podcasts.  At home I check personal email, have dinner with my family, put the girls to bed, check email, Facebook, blogs, maybe write a blog post, sometimes Twitter and LinkedIn too. Sometimes I even talk to my wife… Then I go to bed an hour later than I should.  Usually my brain is still processing all that information so I listen to a short, preferably boring podcast to put me to sleep.

Why do I need all of this information?  Why does anybody?  I have a good system to manage during the workday.  I only allow myself small blocks of time for curiosity and checking Twitter and I have a great new system for managing email and my calendar has increased my productivity at work significantly.  I just need some kind of system when I get home too – or blinders so I can’t look at a screen or something.  Maybe if I put on oven mitts as soon as I get home it would cut down on my ability to use the computer keyboard and touch screens…

Does anyone know of any 12 step programs for info addicts?

How do you manage all the information at your fingertips?


About DadGoesRound
I am a Canadian father of three girls and blog about Fatherhood, Kids and Current Affairs at www.dadgoesround.com

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